Eurasian chemical market

Antimony Trioxide: The Overview of the CIS Market

     Antimony trioxide (Sb2O3) represents white toxic powder having multiple uses in modern industries. International trade in this compound is done on a large scale as far as its feedstock base is concentrated mainly in the regions with transition economy (e. g. China), while the end-use products are predominantly consumed in other parts of the world by developed countries. The primary application field for the compound is production of flame retardants that consumes nearly 90% of the world total output. It is due to flame retardants the demand for antimony trioxide has been increasing year by year. However, antimony trioxide producers are not pushing forward expansion in the capacities and this leads to the deficit in the world market.You can find more information regarding the Sb2O3 market condition and producers in the CIS territory upon reading this article.

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