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RSS is the most convenient web feed format used to keep the readers up with frequently updated news content.

Most of modern browsers support RSS format in this or that way; Internet Explorer 7 and Opera offer rather handy tools for RSS reading. Unfortunately, FireFox makes it possible just to trace headlines though this can be helped by Sage plug-in used for full RSS support.

There are specialised programs for RSS reading that offer more practical sequencing and viewing tools. The most renowned programs of this category are FeedDemon, RssReader, Abilon, NewzCrawler, Omea Reader.

Online RSS readers have recently gained great popularity, the most famous and functional example is GoogleReader. Web applications have certain advantages over conventional readers such as access to feeds from any computer but they have shortcomings either. For example, it is impossible to view feeds offline (there is no need in Internet if you use GoogleReader after installation of GoogleGears).

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