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ELIX Polymers Strengthens Its Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

ELIX Polymers Strengthens Its Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

ELIX Polymers has become a leading manufacturer of ABS resins and derivatives in Europe, while maintaining its commitment to environmental sustainability and encouraging the professional development of its employees.

This leading company has been the driving force behind various initiatives, basing its management on the values of integrity, transparency and ethics. One example of this is its investments in research to develop more sustainable products, whether during the manufacturing process or in their use phase.

Over the past two years, ELIX has doubled its investment in environmental improvements within its facilities and, as a result, the company reduced the carbon footprint of the ABS it manufactures by 10% in 2017. Specifically, consumption of raw materials and auxiliary materials has been reduced and, as a result, so too has transportation for these products. Transportation of the finished product to customers continues to be done in intermodal tank containers, which is more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, emissions and waste management have remained at low levels, similar to previous years.

ELIX Polymers has recently renewed its Responsible Care certificate. This is the chemicals industry’s first worldwide voluntary initiative for promoting Corporate Social Responsibility and commitment to the principles of Sustainable Development.

ELIX Polymers is constantly growing internationally, having expanded its business to America in 2016, with a sales office in the United States, and projected expansion to Asia in 2018. This growth goes hand-in-hand with the rigorous integration of sustainability as an essential aspect of its business management strategy.

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