Eurasian chemical market

Magnesium Hydroxide: an Outlook for the CIS Market

     The production of magnesium and its compounds are increasing year by year, accompanied by the expansion in their application fields. The key manufacturing facilities for synthetic magnesium hydroxide are located in North America (the USA and Mexico), Israel, Western Europe, and Japan. In China, the magnesium hydroxide industry rests upon the use of minerals – magnesite and brucite. In the case of Russia, magnesium hydroxide technologies are based on breakage of natural mineral brucite. Though the Russian product has a lower quality in comparison to the imported compound, it is approximately 1.5 times cheaper. At the moment, there are two plants for magnesium hydroxide, whose technology is based on brucite breakage, Geokom CJSC (Kaluga Region) and Russkoje Gorno-himicheskoje Obshchestvo Ltd (Viazma). Ukraine has raw material resources to renew the production of magnesium hydroxide and oxide from Sivash brines and a bischofite deposit.

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