Eurasian chemical market

Review of the CIS Market for Caustic Soda

     Caustic soda also known as sodium hydrate and caustic alkali is a basic feedstock in a number of industries including the chemical industry, where it is used for the production of various sodium salts, phosphates, organic compounds, and other chemicals. Besides these, NaOH is used to convert wood into cellulose while sulphate pulping, bauxites into aluminium oxide, and mineral oils into phenols; in the production of artificial fibres, soap, detergents, dyestuff. Caustic soda finds a great number of applications in various sectors of the Russian industry. In the domestic market, the product is chiefly consumed by the chemical industry which accounted for some 36% of the total consumption in 2007. Caustic soda is used to produce the following chemicals: detergents, plastics, chemical fibres and threads as well as chlorine-based products.

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