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Stearic Acid in the CIS, or Requiem for Lost Production Capacities

Stearic acid, also known as cetylacetic or octadecanoic acid in the chemical world, refers to aliphatic monobasic saturated carboxylic acids. In the shape of glycerides, it is the most important constituent of solid fats, primarily, triglycerides from animal matter, which function as an energy accumulator in the animal body.

Nefis Cosmetics JSC is a major Russian producer of stearic acid. The company retains its leading position in Russia. In 2006, imports of stearic acid to Russia reached 4,000 tonnes. In Ukraine the structure of stearic acid imports changed in 2007. The main suppliers of the product to the Ukrainian market have been basically trading companies.

In general, the CIS market for stearic acid is quite promising for both foreign suppliers and investors. The stearic acid exporters might be attracted by considerable market capacity and the lack of competition with local producers.

You can find more detailed information about the stearic acid market in the CIS countries from this article.

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