Eurasian chemical market

A Review of Sulfuric Acid Market in the CIS

     Sulfuric acid is of paramount importance as utilised in the industries of the CIS countries. These markets in the post-Soviet territory are generally characterised by common regularities despite some small differences. Currently, seven countries in the CIS manufacture the chemical. In 2006, their total output of sulfuric acid was estimated as high as 13,538,000 tonnes. Russia accounts for 70% of the total CIS output (9.4m tpy), Ukraine – 11% (1.5m tpy), and Uzbekistan – 6.8% (0.9m tpy). They are followed by Belarus and Kazakhstan. At present the CIS countries are providing themselves with enough sulfuric acid to meet all their needs. Production capacities are continuously expanding, external trade in sulfuric acid is gradually being reduced, and correspondingly, all the acid is being consumed within the limits of the CIS markets.

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