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Diphenylol Propane (Bisphenol A). A Review of World Production

     Diphenylol propane, 12,2-Bis-(4'-hydroxyphenyl)-propane or dihydroxydiphenylpropane CAS [80-05-07] is often called bisphenol A, the letter A indicating acetone used for bisphenol production. Sometimes, a term dian is also used. Presently, the world output of diphenylol propane totals 2.8-3 million tonnes, the current world capacity being 4.6m tonnes. The USA is the world’s largest manufacturer of the chemical accounting for 25% of the world production. In the near future, the world capacity is expected to rise due to the launch of new plants. Mostly, these projects are being implemented or will be implemented in Asia, particularly, in China. At present, Asia is showing the highest growth of the demand for diphenylol propane. The demand in the region is forecast to grow by 10-11% annually while the average world one will be at a level of 6-8% per year.

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