Eurasian chemical market

The Production of Detergents in the CIS (Part II)

     In December we continue to analyse detergents production in the CIS, this time focusing on Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan’s markets (the Russian detergents market was described in the previous issue). The capacity of Ukrainian detergents market is estimated at around 350,000 tonnes, half of which is imports. There are approximately 40 producers of detergents in Ukraine, the biggest ones being Procter & Gamble Ukraine, SC Johnson, and UNAL-ABC Chemicals Industry.
     The Belorussian detergents market is not so developed as those of Ukraine and Russia. The top producer here is Baranovichi Plant of Household Chemistry (Barkhim JSC). The Belorussian market capacity totals 80,000 tonnes. Imported detergents comprise about 85% of the market. Domestic detergents account for 3-15% in the Kazakhstan’s market depending on a market segment. The rest of detergents market is held by foreign companies (Procter&Gambel, Henkel). Demand is less than 50,000 tpy. The Kazakh market is characterised by increasing imports and declining production volumes.
     Other CIS countries have a very week demand for detergents that is satisfied due to imports. There is either no detergents production at all or the production of laundry soap only. All in all, the share of domestic producers in the CIS detergents market does not exceed 30%. And these trends seem to be steady within the next few years.

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