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Soda Ash Production in the CIS

     Being one of the key inorganic products, soda ash is applied in many spheres: glass and dishware manufacturing, chemical and paper industries, nonferrous metallurgy, etc. The overall global output of soda ash makes up 30 million tonnes annually. The leading soda ash producers are the USA (with the annual output of 11 million tonnes), China (7.2m tonnes), and the EU (more than 6m tonnes). These countries are followed by Russia (more than 2.5m tonnes) and Ukraine (928,000 tonnes). 
     Soda ash is turned out in two non-ferrous metallurgical and two chemical plants in Russia. As the production involves salt, limestone and fuel resources, the basic soda ash manufacturers have located their facilities in the Urals (Berezniki, Sterlitamak) and Eastern Siberia (Usolje). Such factors as a broad range of application, lack of alternative products, extensive technical performance of the industry, rich primary resources and skilled workforce together condition the strong hold and stable growth of the Russian soda ash market now.
      In Ukraine, business situation and development prospects are in many ways similar to those in Russia. Soda ash represents one of the main products in the Ukrainian inorganic exports list. There are two companies manufacturing soda ash in the country.
     In Uzbekistan, Qung’irot Soda Plant was commissioned in 2006 with a capacity of 100,000 tpy. Who and what can influence this market in the near future? Read in our article.

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