Eurasian chemical market

The overview of sulfuric acid production in Russia and Ukraine

     Sulfuric acid is regarded as one of the key products of the chemical industry. Moreover, it is the most widely used inorganic acid. A multitude of CIS plants have been producing sulfuric acid on a commercial scale for decades. And their production output tends to increase. In 2006, the CIS countries together manufactured 8.5m tonnes of the product. The 2010 output is forecast to reach 12.9m tonnes. The article describes the production of H2SO4 at a number of Russian and Ukrainian plants and analyses development trends in manufacturing processes. In Russia and other CIS countries, the market for sulfuric acid is stipulated, first of all, by internal factors, such as energy and raw material prices, transport tariffs and supply and demand factors. Due to insignificant export-import operations in the segment, the domestic H2SO4 prices are not affected by the world business environment .

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