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Styrene-butadiene rubber: Trends of the Russian and Global Production and Market

Among the general purpose rubbers styrene-butadiene rubbers occupies one of the first places in terms of production. The present article deals with the present-day realities of the market and the production of SBR in Russia. In addition, a reader can see there the characteristic of the world production of styrene-butadiene rubbers. The dynamics of development of the world capacity for production of styrene-butadiene rubber in 2010-2014 as well as the detailed description of activities of foreign and domestic producers, the average prices of Russian producers for 2010-2014 are presented in the article illustrated with 18 drawings and diagrams. It is noted that he primary problem of the industry in Russia is raw materials, because the majority of plants are located far from sources of hydrocarbons. Therefore, not fully loaded capacities of SBR plants, significant deterioration of production assets of enterprises and high production costs due to rising prices for energy and rail transportation are worth of mentioning among other problems the industry faces.

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