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Production of Urea-furan Resins in Russia

Furan resin based on furfuryl alcohol are used widely in recent years, primarily due to their excellent technological properties. The most used furan resins are urea-furan resins, which are formed by reaction of furfuryl alcohol with carbamide and formaldehyde (CFS). Resins of this type are prepared by modifying formaldehyde-urea with furfuryl alcohol.

Carbamide-furan and phenol-furan resins are used as a binder for core mixtures. Furan molding materials are used for cold and hot curing, have high heat resistance, mechanical strength and can be applied to all categories of casting - iron, steel and non-ferrous metals.

Some of the brands of furan resin in practical use as binders in plywood and furniture industry, the manufacture of wood-based panels and other sectors of the economy.

In Russia, these resins are produced mainly in the 5 leading enterprises, located in the Sverdlovsk and Nizhny Novgorod regions. Read more in our article published in the current issue of our magazine.

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