Eurasian chemical market

Ukraine Started to Develop Plan for Modernisation Chemical Industry to Enter European Markets

Representatives of the largest Ukrainian chemical enterprises, the Ukrainian Chemists Union, leading R& D institutes began to develop a special strategy aimed at promoting domestic chemical products on the European markets, which was declared at the All-Ukrainian chemical forum held on the basis of Cherkasy Azot PJSC (Cherkasy, Ukraine). The programme entitled “A programme for the modernisation of the Ukrainian chemical industry" will include proposals for the implementation of a number of investment and innovative projects at Ukraine’s chemical plants till 2025. The document makes a particular stress on harmonization of the national technical legislation,  implementation and adopting technical regulations in conformance with the European standards. Reports made at the forum, problems and outlooks for the Ukrainian chemical industry under the conditions of the heaviest economic and political situation in the country – all these issues will be highlighted in the 89th issue of our magazine. 

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