Eurasian chemical market

A Review of Turkmen Chemical Industry

To assess the current state of the chemical industry in Turkmenistan is not an easy task. The country’s statistics office provides only general information about the country’s economic growth rates, while absolute figures are unavailable. Nevertheless, on the basis of both a scrupulous analysis of open information and our own data, we are able to draw a full-fledged picture of Turkmen chemical production.
The country has great potential for developing its chemical sector: abundant sources of hydrocarbons and minerals, concentration of financial resources in the centre, where key decisions are made, developed though not up-to-date infrastructure and finally access to sea, across which most export cargoes are transported. The article analyses petrochemical enterprises in Turkmenistan, business climate in the country and gives a description of plants for processing  crude ores. Also it indicates some weak points of the chemical industry, in particular, the pharmaceutical sector.     

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