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Butanediol-1.4: Basic Features of Global Production and Market

Butanediol-1.4 a colorless, viscous and highly inflammable liquid, is one of the most important monomers having fundamental significance for the development a broad range of chemical branches worldwide. Butanediol-1.4 is a large-capacity raw material for the synthesis of some organic intermediates and ready-to-use organic products – tetrahydrofurane, γ-butyrolactone, polybutylene terephthalate, polyurethanes, solvents, plasticisers for thermoplastic materials, etc.

Global butanediol-1.4 capacity is growing quicker than world’s consumption of this product. It is to be noted that there has been overproduction of this chemical over the past recent years.


The article provides a review of process technologies for butanediol-1.4, general data on global production, the current state of the market and information about pricing. An especial attention is paid to the Chinese market and producers of butanediol-1.4. No butanediol-1.4 production is available in Russia yet (though the country has all prerequisites for its creating). Therefore, Russia is still purchasing this chemical from abroad. Data on Russian butanediol-1.4 imports will be undoubtedly useful for our interested reader. 

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