Eurasian chemical market

Practical Experience in Dealing with Chinese Equipment Suppliers

Nowadays goods from China are no longer associated only with low prices. The label “made in China” is in many ways standing currently for quality and high technologies. China ranks as the first producing country worldwide. Trade turnover between Russia and China in 2013 reached USD a giant figure of 89.2bn.
When our entrepreneurs enter the Chinese market in search of equipment producers, most imagine that they could be able to find one or two companies and collaborate with them for the sake of mutual benefit. In their view, the producer from the heavenly empire should strive for new permanent customers in order to make lives of him and his clients easier. However, unfortunately they underestimate the giant difference in world outlook between our and Chinese businessmen. This article presents generalised seven-year experience of dealing with Chinese equipment producers of Artemchenko Stepan, a doctor in pharmaceutical scieneces, director on R&D and development of Farmatsevticheskaya fabrika “Viola” (Pharmaceutical Plant “Viola”, Zaporizhzhia).

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