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Russian austic Soda Production and Market

In 2004–2013, there happened significant changes in a list of Russian caustic soda producers. The production of the chemical stopped at Usolyekhimprom LLC (Usolye, Irkutsk region), Srednevolzhskiy Zavod Khimikatov (Middle Volga Chemical Plant, Samara region), Ufakhimprom JSC (Ufa) and Kaprolactam plant, which is in ownership of SIBUR-Neftekhimprom (Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region). For the 2004–2012 period the country’s caustic soda capacity reduced 9.2%. Moreover, the consumption of the product in Russia seriously dropped.
However, these negative trends go hand in hand with positive changes. Halopolymer Kirovo-Chepetsk (Kirovo-Chepetsk, Kirov region), Sayanskkhimplast JSC (Sayansk, Irkutsk region) have seriously augmented their production capacity for caustic soda. The launch of RusVinyl in the Kstovo district of the Nizhny Novgorod region, a new integrated plant for polyvinyl chloride and caustic soda, has become one of the main events in the chemical industry of Russia over the past decade.
To sum up, Russian caustic soda capacity as of early 2015 amounted to 1,74m tonnes per year. If the indicated producers operate at full capacity in the nearest future, this will lead to dramatic changes in the structure of production and export/import operations with caustic soda in the country in the short-term prospect.  

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