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A Review of Global Production and Market in Rhenium and its Alloys

This article presents a breathtaking history of exploring one of the rarest metals vitally important for modern equipment and useful information about properties of rhenium and its alloys. Also, we give a full description of deposits of rhenium, its applications, technologies, producers and a paradoxical situation in the market, when an acute shortage of this metal is accompanied with a long-term decrease in prices for it. |The statistics of global rhenium output show clearly that Chile-based Molymet account for 50% of global production but one cannot simply buy this commodity on the spot market – American producers of aircraft engines have contracted all the metal output for years and years ahead. In Russia, there is no primary rhenium production, but the country has at its disposal the biggest rhenium deposit on the Kuril islands. What barriers are on the way of developing this deposit and what factors will define the closest future trends in the rhenium business – please read all this in our article. 

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