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The Current State and Trends in Global Acrylonitrile Production

Acrylonitrile is one of the key large-capacity petrochemical products, a derivative of propylene. Its main application areas are monomers for producing acrylic fibres, ABC/SAN plastics as well as intermediate products for manufacturing acrylamide, adiponitrile, ethylenediamine, and a range of other chemical substances. The present article contains a detailed description of properties and applications of this chemical with the help of a large amount of illustrative materials, process technologies, the current state of global and, in particular, Russian production (with breakdown of acrylonitrile production by country) and trends in the world’s market in acrylonitrile.  

Total acrylonitrile capacity in Asian countries is expected to reach almost 5m tonnes per year soon. In fact all the increase in capacity will be achieved owing to the expansion of the old and construction of new acrylonitrile units in China within the 2014-2020 period.  

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