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Experts Insist on Removing Legislative Restrictions on Developing Russian PET market

On 24 November Moscow hosted the conference ”Polyethylene terephthalate”, whose participants discussed the current state and prospects of the Russian polyethylene terephthalate market. The latter is actively developing now. However, only packaging grade PET is now produced in Russia, four manufacturers of this chemical being in the country. Virtually, all these companies have plans for building terephthalate acid production units in order to satisfy their growing demands. However, the realisation of these projects will scarcely help to overcome a deficit of PET. Most reporters emphasised that it was necessary to revise the attitude of the government towards domestic PET production. This branch of the chemical industry is worried by restrictions imposed upon the usage of PET in producing packaging for beer. In view of the reporters, the new legislative barriers will seriously affect granulated PET demand and inevitably reduce its production. Besides, the participants stressed acute necessity of developing the domestic production of PET fibres. 

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