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Three-in-one. Market of NPK in the CIS Countries

In the CIS countries, production of NPK 16-16-16 and other complex fertilisers rapidly grows in response to high global demand for NPK fertilisers. The use of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium fertilisers separately is not as popular and profitable as application of the complex ones. To date, many regions in the world are experiencing a shortage of phosphorus and potassium in soils. NPK fertiliser is the most effective product for restoring the balance of nutrients.

Taking into account these global trends, a number of producers of nitrogen and phosphorous fertilisers shift to production of complex fertilisers. Moreover, owing to the similarity of production technology companies can easily switch to the new products. Manufacturers of potassium chloride fertilisers also show interest in NPK fertilisers in order to increase their profitability. 

Read the full article in the issue #3, 2013 (75).

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