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An Effective System of Cleaning Large Volumes of Waste Gases from Urea Prilling Towers

The production and consumption of carbamide show a stable growth in the world1. Moreover, the total capacity of the Russian urea production soon will reach the Soviet level.

Units for granulating and cooling urea granules utilise a lot of the atmospheric air, which is further subject to cleaning. Until the mid-80's, one of the main tasks of environmental protection from harmful emissions in urea manufacturing, which remained unresolved (both in the USSR and abroad), was to clean the waste gases of units for granulating and cooling the granules of the base product from carbamide dust.

A team of researchers from NIIK JSC (Dzerzhinsk, Nizhniy Novgorod region, Russia) has developed an efficient way to purify the gases with the absorption of the carbamide dust in two successive zones. This method of cleaning is aimed at purifying waste gases from solid or liquid particles and molecular impurities. Besides urea production, it can be also used for waste gases cleaning in the processes of granulation, cooling and drying of powdery substances (e.g. melamine), etc. Please read the article by Yuriy Sergeyev to know much more.

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