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Basalt Production and Market in the CIS countries

Basalt is usually used in the form of crushed stones, which are useful over a wide range of application. Today, the most developed area of basalt fibres application is production of heat and sound insulations. Consumption of basalt insulation is growing every year.

The CIS countries have sufficient amount of raw materials. There are more than 100 operating open-pits. Besides that, basalt deposits are also developed and explored in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

However, Russian manufacturers of basalt products cannot cover the growing demand fully at the domestic market. In 2010–2011, the total volume of imported products from basalt grew from 74,000 to 114,000 tonnes, while exports of basalt products is relatively small – approximately one thousand tonnes.

The share of the Ukrainian imports is still very big. Last year the country imported about 15,000 tonnes of various heat insulation materials from basalt – mats, canvases, sandwich panels.

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