Eurasian chemical market

A Brief Outlook for Production and Market of Hydrogen Peroxide in Russia

In Russia, the driving force of today's H2O2 production is mainly the pulp and paper sector, as this industry shifts step-by-step from chlorine bleaching and the attendant dioxin and chloroform formation to environmentally friendly peroxide chemistry. One company in Russia buying hydrogen peroxide as a raw material to produce chemicals for household use and detergent bleach applications. Thus, the hydrogen peroxide market is closely linked to the general economic situation in the country and develops in parallel with the mentioned rapidly growing industries.

There are three companies with large-scale hydrogen peroxide capacities and two minor domestic producers serving exclusively the local pharmaceutical market. The article published in the latest issue of ECM provides a reader with a lot of information on production technologies, quality parameters of H2O2 of Russian origin, the present market situation and short-term forecast.

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