Eurasian chemical market

A Quick Glance at Asian Market of Melamine in 2012

Melamine is an industrial chemical product used mainly in the construction industry in the production of coatings, laminates and flame retardants. It is also used to manufacture adhesive resins, which have excellent handling and moulding properties and are used to make wood panels to build kitchens, bathrooms, furniture and flooring.

Asia is the largest regional manufacturer accounting for over 64% of the global melamine production. On a country level, China holds the largest capacity of melamine in the world with a share of over 54%.

In the article published in 2(74) issue of ECM the list of China's, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, India and Qatar melamine producers alongwith newly-commissioned production units in China in 2012 are presented. The brief investigation focuses on recent market developments as well. A reader will find here also some data related to deliveries of Asian melamine to Russia.

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