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Extending Maintenance Procedures to Safety Strategies: HAZOP Risk Assessment for Safe Processes and Production

Reliable maintenance is of paramount importance for the safety in companies and production plants. To ensure a level of safety that is as high as possible, companies must develop additional anticipatory safety programmes and review and update them at regular intervals. Prevention is the key, and the HAZOP study is one of the tools required. While the safety level at German companies and plants is high compared to other European countries, not everything is going according to plan. This becomes evident when we look at the database of Germany's Central Reporting and Evaluation Office for Hazardous Incidents and Incidents in Process Engineering Facilities (ZEMA).

The department/authority of Germany's Federal Environmental Protection Office has recorded all reportable adverse incidents that have occurred since 1980. Up to 2011, ZEMA registered 588 such incidents in Germany. The author,  Rainer Semmler, provides rather a fresh view on maintenance procedures for companies safety. 

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