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The Russian Polyisoprene Rubbers Market: Current State and Prospects
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The Russian Polyisoprene Rubbers Market: Current State and Prospects

Isoprene rubber (polyisoprene rubber, IR) is a synthetic analogue of natural rubber. Both are similar in terms of their compositions and properties. A core difference between them is that unvulcanised rubber compounds based on polyisoprene rubber have lower cohesion strength while requiring no preliminary plasticising. Russia as a pioneer of synthetic rubbers production shows impressive progress in this sector. The only fact that in 2011 Nizhnekamskneftekhim, a big Russian producer of synthetic rubbers accounted for 44% of the global isoprene rubbers market speaks for itself. Our reader will probably take interest in quite comprehensive data on the Russian manufacturing of polyisoprene rubber.  

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