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Overview of the Chemical Industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Eurasian chemical market

Overview of the Chemical Industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small Balkan country with a developed economy.

It is ranked at the 107th position in the world by the development level. In 2010, its GDP amounted to BAM 24 584 m, significant role is played by services sector (65,6% of GDP) and industry sector (20,9%). The largest share among the industrial sectors in Bosnia and Herzegovina accrue to the production of food and beverages (BAM 2.34 bn), coke and petroleum (BAM 1.361 bn), basic metals (BAM 1.601 bn).

The chemical complex of Bosnia and Herzegovina is not among the leading sectors of economy: for example, chemical industry production and output of rubber and plastic products account for 0.45% and 0.42% of GDP, respectively.

The detailed analyses of chemical industry sector is available in the article.

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