Eurasian chemical market

Manufacture and Market of Rare Earths and their Compounds in CIS

Is there anything in common between high-energy magnets and lasers, cellphone displays and X-ray equipment, catalysts for oil refining and electric cars? And what if a certain country strives to become a monopolist in this industry while the other world is in constant fear of this?... Rare earth elements act as an interlink of such seemingly different things.

Nowadays, China is almost a monopolist at the REE global market with a 95% market share. The estimated proven reserves of rare earth elements in the country made up 27m tonnes in 2009, and, as of 2010, this figure rose up to 55m tonnes. Russia holds the second place in the world in terms of rare earth elements reserves (about 19m tonnes).

The demand for REE at the market grows simultaneously with the advancement of high technologies. However, the Chinese restriction on its exports of rare earth elements strongly affects the global market. The demand is not satisfied and the other countries started launching their already suspended deposits and develop the new ones. For detailed information about manufacture and market of rare earth elements and their compounds in CIS, please read the article in the latest issue of our magazine.

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