Eurasian chemical market

Production and Market of Chlorohydrocarbons C2 in CIS

The production of chlorohydrocarbons C2 in the CIS and, in Russia, in particular, is currently facing hard times. Only vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) used for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) synthesis is still stably produced. Annually, the global production of VCM is about 35 million tonnes. The Russian Federation manufactures almost 1.7% from this figure. In Russia, the biggest output of vinyl chloride fell on 2006, when 607,600 tonnes of the chemical were turned out. For the period 2007-2008, it saw a 1.4% annual decline. Almost all the vinyl chloride (99%) made in Russia is supplied for PVC production. To learn more detailed information about the trends on the Russian market of chlorohydrocarbons read latest English version of Eurasian Chemical market.

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