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Struggle for Road Quality: Market and Production of Geomaterials in Russia

Finally the solution to the age-long problem of the poor quality of the Russian roads has been found. This is innovative and high-performance geomaterials, the favour in which increases year over year. Apart from their good performance, geomaterials are very cost efficient.

The group of geomaterials includes geotextile, geogrid, geonet, geocell, geomat, geomembrane, and geocomposite materials. Each of them possesses unique features and finds various applications in different branches of industry.

There are many companies producing geomaterials. Among them are global businesses Tensar, Terram, WTB Geotechnics, and Russia based businesses Komitex JSC, Nomatex Ltd, and Sibur- Geotextile Ltd, as well as many other companies.

There is a constantly rising quantity of geomaterials demanded in Russia, so the prospects for the manufacturers of these products are splendid.

Read the full description of all geomaterials, their qualities and use, as well as the production capacities of companies, imports and exports, prospects and problems in the issue.

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