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Production and Market for Benzene in CIS

The CIS countries have long been deficient in commercial benzene. One of the main reasons is that this product is manufactured mainly by large refineries and petrochemical companies and its production is integrated in such way as to maximize profits. The bulk of the manufactured benzene is consumed by the producers themselves, or within the holding structure. Refineries use it in gasoline manufacture and petrochemical plants process C6H6 into phenol, ethyl benzene and other products.
Definite increase in benzene turn out is possible due to the production of gasoline in accordance with the Euro-3 standard (and above), providing for C6H6 content in motor fuels less than 1%. However, refineries can use extracted benzene in the production of high-octane additives for gasoline.

Very promising direction is processing of crude coal benzene. This problem is most acute in Ukraine, where the coke chemical plants manufacture about 90% of the product.
It should be emphasized that the growth in demand for benzene in the CIS is ahead of its production. In the medium term consumption of C6H6 will grow by 3-5% both in the countries of the Commonwealth and in the whole world.

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