Eurasian chemical market

Chloroprene rubbers: Back to the Future

Currently, the world market welcomes the producers of chloroprene rubber. This elastomer recovers its importance. In recent years, global chloroprene rubber demand declined because of its relatively high costs and growth of competition from other elastomers, for instance ethylele-propylenediene rubbers. This trend is most clearly observed in the automotive industry, which consumes about 20% of world polychloroprene. Nevertheless, in nearest future a gradual increase in chloroprene rubber demand is expected. Annual consumption growth will amount more than 1%. The most significant growth in demand is forecasted in Asia and Latin America. In particular, consumption in China will grow by 4.1%, and in Taiwan - by 5,9%. Experts see no full-fledged alternative to polychloroprene at least in next decade.


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