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Practical Use of MTBE-petrol and ETBE-petrol Coefficient-Factors

In recent years, over 60% of automobile users opted for diesel fuel with more improved ecological and economical characteristics. This resulted in a decline in petrol consumption in Europe. So, in 2009 there were used 96m tonnes of petrol compared to 119.1m tonnes in 2003. In Europe there are 135 refineries with a total capacity of 853m tpy of oil. The Europe-made petrol consists of 30% cat-cracked petrol, 50% petrol of catalytic reforming, 5% alkylation products, 8% isomerisation products, and 7% additives (ethanol, ETBE, MTBE, TAME, etc.). Since petrol contains 7% oxygenate additives, the price of which is higher than that of petrol, it is very important to make use of the developed economic price ratio index “additive – petrol,” which reflects the correlation between the petrol components. Nowadays, such index is referred to as a coefficient-factor which is equal to the correlation of MTBE price divided into 10 ppm petrol price. However, there are no records of the coefficient-factor between ETBE price and 10 ppm petrol price anywhere. The coefficient factors for ETBE-petrol and MTBE-petrol may be used to calculate price for the fuel and in analytical price reports by reflecting the current trends of the modern market for oil products.

This article provides more detailed information concerning the practical usage of such correlations, as well as their real value in improving ecological condition.

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