Eurasian chemical market

GTL-Technologies: Russia’s Focal Point

Three well-known letters GTL reveal various Gas-To-Liquid technologies which covert natural and associated gas into evacuable high-energy liquid, methanol, petrol and other valuable ready-made products with usage of chemical methods. Tremendous economic benefits from a GTL application at deposits removed from a consumer have been obvious since long ago.
Previous three years will be undoubtedly recognized as a prominent period which overturned the earlier ideas about the GTL technologies globally. Many large fuel and energy companies have discontinued taking a dim view of the gas-to-liquid processes. In addition to an adoption of the technology, the world-scale interest to GTL was obviously urged by a rise in oil prices as a result of which price parity was approached. Now, it is evidently that Russia will not be able to omit to adopt the GTL-technologies as it can very soon affect the country despite how much reserves it has.
The prospects of GTL-processes introduction on Russia’s terrains are outlined in the presented article.

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