Eurasian chemical market

Development of Composite Materials Production as a Component of Industrial Growth

Composites represent non-homogeneous solid materials, which consists of two or more components. Among them the reinforcing elements can be singled out, which provide all the necessary mechanical characteristics of material and matrix (or coupling agent that is filler), and support the joint action of reinforcing elements.
They are successfully replacing such kind of traditional materials as metals, bricks, concrete and wood. Composite materials are lighter, more durable, reliable, and quite often processable.
 According to some forecasts, the world’s composite materials market is growing by 4% per year, and it reached USD 22bn in 2007. The Russian market is appraised at  USD 150-200m, and its growth rate is almost 20% per year.
The main problem nowadays is that there are no productions and sub-industries in Russia which could cover the domestic demand for polymeric resins and plastics which are the basic fillers for polymeric-composite materials. More then 50% of Russian use is covered by imported supplies.

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