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Chemical Industry of Kyrgyzstan: Mountains in Fog

     Kyrgyzstan or The Kyrgyz Republic is a state in the northeast of Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan has an abundance of gold and mercury deposits as well as a marked hydroelectric power output. The significant uranium reserves and possibility for their concentration may be soon utilised to produce fissile materials needed for nuclear power station operations. The country possesses rich reserves of antimony and metal minerals related to rare and scattered groups.
     The poorly developed chemical industry in Kyrgyzstan includes manufactures of paints and varnishes, pharmaceutical, plastic and household products. All these enterprises operate in an unstable mode. In 2009, Tash-Kumyr Silicon Productions CJSC resumed its polycrystalline silicon production (raw material for the manufacture of semiconductor materials used in micro- and power electronics and solar energy). More detailed description of the current situation in Kyrgyz chemical industry is provided in our article.

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