Eurasian chemical market

Logistics of the Russian Chemical Market

     The issues of chemical logistics, including supply chain improvement, and mutual problems in this sphere were addressed by the participants of the 3rd annual conference “Logistics of the Russian Chemical Market” (ChemoLogic 2009) held in Moscow on 12 March 2009.
     Today, Russian chemical logistics is facing a number of challenges, in particular, a lack of focused human resources, poor technical basis, imprecise regulations, and the paucity of licensed logistics companies.
     The balanced planning of supply chains requires deep subject-specific knowledge of transportation rules (in accordance with Russian and international legislation), customs clearance (adequate choice of customs codes, filing supplemental documents, information on chemical composition) and storage (compatibility of chemical products, storage peculiarities, accident management). Cooperation with foreign companies presents a major problem for Russian logisticians as well due to the necessity of meeting both Russian and international legal requirements, with Russian authorities advancing stricter demands.

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