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12th International Specialised Exhibition “Tyres & Rubber’2009”

     This article gives a close look on the 12th International Specialised Exhibition “Tyres & Rubber’2009”, one of the main events for the CIS chemical industry.
     Such international events assist market players in promoting new products and technologies and developing closer economic relations. For this reason, the exhibition gripped attention of about 180 foreign companies from 20 countries, including Germany, Italy, Switzerland, China, Thailand, Belgium, and the UK, etc. Among them were Lanxess and Continental (Germany), Aigle Macchine Srl (Italy), Bartell – Steelastic (UK), Calemard (France), Hubei Elastomer Science and Technology Сo. Ltd (China), Deng Yi Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd (Taiwan), and others. The exhibitors displayed a wide range of new rubbers, tyres, and rubber-based products, additives and equipment for rubber processing and tyre-making, etc.
     During the “Tyres & Rubber’2009”, the providing company held a conference on the prospects of the rubber and tyre industry. The participants addressed a range of topical issues, baseline conditions, and development prospects regarding the use of green oil fillers in the production of oil-extended rubbers.

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