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Real Crisis? Plastics Industry in Central Europe

     The effects of the world financial Crisis, which emerged during the fall of 2008, are just beginning to be understood. We can argue that this is the first serious recession in the region since the fall of Soviet styled Socialism. The article warns on danger of waiting which at times may mean the end or death. The ways out and decisions are still to be found.
     The facts reflect decline in economic production everywhere in the CEE region. People became more careful which results in less consumption and more obstacles to the production boost and development in general. The facts may induce fear, but can give hope as well. The recently conducted telephone interview reflected opinions of 81 plastic processing companies which expect the economic turmoil to last about two years and the economy to drop approximately by 15% (and not 30%).
     The article optimistically sees the crisis as opportunity; the crisis is imperative, now it is the time to go through smaller or bigger structural changes. The crisis might bring to birth such companies that are both in the “head” and in the technology streamline. Since there are also quite a few Western European enterprises that will close down, those markets will become accessible for a short while. Those who are innovative enough can easily take these over. In addition to innovation, now is the time to exploit resources, since these resources could counter-balance the drop in demand by rationalizing processes and effectively using data. These could take us across to the other shore of the crisis. There are only a few at the moment who have started heading towards the other side. The more will do that and the faster they do it, the sooner the crisis will.

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