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II International Specialised Exhibition Composite-Expo 2009 and International Specialised Exhibition Polyurethanex-2009

     In spite of the economic turmoil, this year two big events have taken place in Moscow. The main purposes of the first exhibition were promotion and usage of modern marketing instruments for Russian composites market stimulation, development and implementation of composite materials and technologies in the different industrial sectors. It was arranged by Moscow Exhibition Company — Mir Expo.
     The exhibition was focused on such subjects as the feedstock for composites production, components (resins, fiberglass, etc.); fillers, additives and modifiers; equipment for composites output; instruments for its processing, fiberglass, artificial stone, marezzo marble, polymer concrete; the technologies for composites production, surface treatment techniques and industrial products from composite materials; the usage of composites in construction and house utilities infrastructure.  This year 38 companies presented their products at the event.
     At the same time, along with Composite-Expo-2009, another International Specialised exhibition, named Polyurethanex-2009 took place. The main divisions of the expo were: raw materials for PU output, technologies for its processing and manufacturing; PU-based heat insulation; the usage of PU in the mechanical engineering, automotive industry, railway (including railway wagons construction), aviation, pipelines, electrical engineering, household products output, light industry, medicine, furniture, chemical manufacturing, construction, mining and metallurgy.
     The total number of exponents amounted to 18 companies, including 10 foreign firms (from USA, Italy, Germany and China). Among them -  Hennecke GmbH, Evonik Goldschmidt GmbH, R.M.P.A. Srl Unipersonale, Albemarle Europe, Chordip Ltd, China North Chemical Industry Corp., Chongqing Polycomp International Corp., Jiangsu Fullmark Chemicals Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Sanmei Chemical Ind. Co. Ltd, Solvay Fluor GmbH, Industrial Group – Automotive Systems, Kronos JSC, Federal State Enterprise “Perm Powder Plant”, Polymer-Complex JSC, Surel Ltd and others.
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