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Review of CIS Organosilicon Monomer Producers

     Organosilicons are compounds in which silicon is directly connected with organic radicals. They fall into two groups: low molecular weight compounds, which will be described in this article, and high molecular weight ones, or polymers.
     At present, the CIS industry of organosilicon monomers appears to be deeply distressed, and both the Russian and Ukrainian companies are facing difficulties. The State Enterprise Kremnypolymer (Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine), the only manufacturer of organosilicon monomers, is still operational and supplies its clients with a limited range of products, while the majority of the Russian facilities were shut down or dismantled long ago.
     Out of four previously operating large-scale production sites and a few pilot plants, only two facilities can offer organosilicon monomers to their clients now – Khimprom JSC (Novocheboksarsk, Russia), Silan JSC, and the pilot production units at  Redkinsky Experimental Plant JSC (Redkino, Tver Region, Russia), turning out minor volumes of the monomers.
     Apart from general info, the article addresses the current state of the CIS production of low molecular organosilicon compounds, including an in-depth description of the existing production facilities. Moreover, it points out to challenges that have caused the all-round downturn in the sector.

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