Eurasian chemical market

Ukrainian Market of Hydrochloric Acid

     Hydrochloric acid is a solution of hydrogen chloride in water. Strong hydrochloric acid normally contains 36-38% hydrogen chloride. Weak acid, containing 10% and less hydrogen chloride, is applicable on an industrial scale as well.
     Hydrochloric acid is widely used in the industry during the depletion and pickling of metals, etc. It finds uses in the production of soldering liquids, during silver deposition. HCl is industrially utilised to manufacture synthetic resins and rubbers. It serves as a raw material to obtain methyl chloride from methyl alcohol, ethyl chloride from ethylene, vinyl chloride from acetylene.
     In Ukraine, the largest producers of hydrochloric acid are Dniproazot JSC (Dniprodzerzhynsk) and state-owned Konstantyniv Chemical Plant (Konstantynivka, Donetsk Region). This article offers a detailed presentation of the Ukrainian hydrochloric acid market with its idiosyncrasies, trends and prospects.

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