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Chemical Blowing Agents: Production and Market in the CIS
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Chemical Blowing Agents: Production and Market in the CIS

     Chemical blowing agents, also known as chemical foaming agents (CFA), are additives used within the polymer processing industry to obtain foamed plastics. Most of the products are of organic nature; still, there are some inorganic compounds frequently used in this application field. CFAs decompose during the processing of a polymer at an increased temperature and release a high volume of gas. The latter is trapped within the polymer melt creating a cellular or foamed structure.
     Apart from chemical blowing agents, there exist physical ones which undergo no chemical transformations. This article is focused exclusively on chemical blowing agents.
     At present, the CIS countries produce virtually no CFAs on a commercial scale. Russia boasts the only two manufacturers, turning out the additives in limited amounts.
     Among all chemical blowing agents, Russia and Ukraine import mostly azodicarbonamide (ADC). The 2007 ADC imports to Russia made up 1,972.5 tonnes, with 50% and 36% being provided by Indonesia and China, respectively.
     Having read this article, you will get a profound idea about the only two manufacturers of CFAs in the CIS as well as about import flows and market trends.

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