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Hydrofluoric Acid and Inorganic Fluorides in the CIS
Eurasian chemical market

Hydrofluoric Acid and Inorganic Fluorides in the CIS

     Hydrofluoric acid (HF) is a water solution of hydrogen fluoride. HF has a wide range of applications that conventionally may be split into several groups.
     The main consumer of this highly toxic chemical is aluminium production. The solution of hydrogen fluoride is also used for HF glass etching providing for matte surface. Hydrofluoric acid is also used for silicon etching and has applications in semiconductor production and a range of other industries.
     The salts of hydrofluoric acid are called fluorides. Fluorides of calcium, sodium, and aluminium are of higher importance for chemical industry.
     Our article is focused on the current state of the hydrofluoric acid and inorganic fluorides market in the CIS.

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