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Russian and Ukrainian Market of Alkylamines
Eurasian chemical market

Russian and Ukrainian Market of Alkylamines

     Alkylamines are ammonia derivatives, where one, two or three hydrogen atoms are substituted for an alkyl residue. They have found applications in a variety of sectors, including agrochemicals, medicines, solvents, surfactants, fuel additives, and rubber accelerators.
     Methyl- and ethylamines constitute the basis for the Russian and Ukrainian alkylamine markets. Russia-based Hydrometallurgical Plant JSC (Lermontov, Stavropol Territory), dating back to 1954, is the sole alkylamine producer in the CIS. Today, its production capacity for alkylamines constitutes 200 tpy. However, the capacity utilisation rate makes up only 20%.
     This article offers an in-depth coverage of the Russian and Ukrainian alkylamine markets.

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