Eurasian chemical market

Sheet Extrusion and Thermoforming in Central and Eastern Europe

     This comprehensive report, elaborated by ECEBD Hungary Ltd, provides a good coverage of sheet extrusion and thermoforming in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Its objective is to show a global picture about the development of plastic converting in the CEE countries, including Russia (CEE is a developing area having 5-10% annual growth rates).
     Furthermore, it is aimed to give detailed information about sheet extrusion and thermoforming according to plastic materials used, end products produced and applications; to estimate the market development for the next five years for plastic converting in general and development trends regarding sheet extrusion and thermoforming.
     Geographical coverage of this study includes: Central Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Baltic States, and Slovenia), South-Eastern Europe (Ex-Yugoslav States, Romania, and Bulgaria), and Eastern Europe (Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Belarus).
     It is interesting for plastic manufacturers, converters and processing machine producers operating worldwide or in Western Europe.

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