Eurasian chemical market

The Russian and Ukrainian Alkyl Acetate Markets

     Alkyl acetates are acetic acid esters of general composition СН3СООR, where R is an alkyl radical. The products of primary commercial importance are ethyl acetate, n-butyl acetate, and, to a less extent, methyl, propyl, isopropyl and amyl acetates. The total capacity for these compounds in Russia and Ukraine amounts to 180,000 tpy.
     The application fields of alkyl acetates are very diverse, but they are chiefly used as solvents for nitrocellulose, paints & coatings, perfumery and cosmetics. The products are also utilised by the food industry as flavouring and preserving agents. In Russia and Ukraine they are mainly applied in the paints & coatings sector. In 2007, the overall consumption of alkyl acetates by both countries made up 33,500 tonnes.

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