Eurasian chemical market

Silicone Rubber. Overview of the CIS Production

     Due to a multitude of positive qualities, organosilicon rubbers are steadily pushing out other rubbers. However, a relatively high cost limits their popularity and extensive use.
     Only four companies are involved in the production of organosilicon rubbers within the CIS. These are Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant JSC (Kazan), Penta Silicones Ltd (Moscow), Surel Ltd (St Petersburg) – all in Russia, and a Ukrainian state company Kremnypolymer. They offer products only to the domestic market.
     The fact that there are only a few organosilicon rubber manufacturers in the CIS market opens up wide horizons for foreign companies. The Russian market is a place where local players are struggling with overseas rivals Wacker Chemie, Dow Corning, Rhodia Silicones, GE Bayer Silicones, as well as Jiangsu Hongda Chemical New Material Co. Day in day out exports from these companies are growing. Thus, compared with 2005, organosilicon rubber exports to Russia in 2006 increased by 2.5 times, while in 2007 they rose by one third. Ukraine’s demand for organosilicon rubbers is mainly satisfied by domestic production.

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